Friday, July 24, 2015

Madelon's Teaberry NJ Fun Finds, Wished She Could Have Brought Them All Home!

Have you ever walked by something and thought I should really buy that and then decided not to and regretted it? I think that is what happened to Madelon on a recent trip to Teaberry in New Jersey.

She found this Amish Doll Swing and it is so charming I think we all wished we could have it!
Another fun find is this red pot set that would be perfect for Molly's collection! I would have had a hard time walking away from this.
I love this washboard set as well and we all know a historical doll lover would have fun with this play set!
I love Madelon's fun finds and all the ways she incorporates everyday items into doll play! These would be truly hard to leave behind.
Thank you for sharing this with us today!
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