Saturday, July 11, 2015

Kmart's Sophia Grace and Rosie Outfits and What A Doll Dolls

Madelon just sent me this info and I am so excited. I love this look and wish we had Kmart here my niece Laura would look amazing in this set by Sophia Grace & Rosie.

Thea would love these too! This is so up her alley! So girly and fun!
I can not wait to go on Vacation to the USA and check these out for myself!
Such fun and I love the skirt on this!
I love these colors together!
Also in store is the What a Doll dolls...but no matching girl outfits to be found.
Sweet faces
Lovely stripe of pink hair!
Thank you Madelon for sending in these photos! If you happen to find yourself in K-Mart keep your eyes out for these lovely outfits and dolls!
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  1. Just a quick note the What a Girl dolls are more slender than AG dolls. So just keep that in mind when buying the clothes. :-)

  2. What a Doll! is an exclusive MA line for Kmart of three distinct dolls. Dollie and Me have both dolls (which are also MA) and clothing. You prompted me to make a post though... This explains a little more.