Saturday, July 18, 2015

Laundry Day! Check Craft This Out!

Simply amazed by my friend Rhonda from Miss M's Doll Talk on Facebook. She messaged me about a craft she just made. She was tired of waiting to get her hands on an Our Generation one so she set out to make her own.
 Beyond amazing is her results and crafty moms, aunts and Grandmothers will rejoice in her ingenuity!
 Rhonda would like you all to join her crafting community on Facebook to see what they make next!
This group is one after my own heart using what they have to create amazing doll play items doll lovers will enjoy! Click here to visit their Facebook page and see the magic for yourself! 
Thank you Rhonda of Miss M's Doll Talk for allowing me to share these images with my readers! I can not wait to see what she is working on next!
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