Saturday, January 16, 2016

Madelon's Two New Dolls and Sloth

Madelon recently brought Lea and her Sloth home to her doll family and she has also purchased another dolly friend. She has kindly shared her photos with us today and shows just how interchangeable Our Generation and American Girl Doll Outfits and Accessories really can be.
But first a little shout out to how cute the Sloth is. Many years ago I got to hold and bet a sloth at a behind the scenes tour of our local Aquarium, I was amazed at how wiry the sloth's hair was, I am sure though this one is as cuddly as he looks!
The other new doll that Madelon has is Cora! She is a lovely doll with a fantastic playset and is a fraction of the cost of an American Girl Doll. Her accessories make this set as amazing  for the Doll of the Year Lea as it would for Cora or any other 18 inch doll you may wish to share this with.
The first outfit is very cute on both dolls and the flippers fit both well. 

The other outfit and the surf board are a wonderful addition to this set as well!
Do keep your eyes out for this Our Generation Doll Set and Lea and her Sloth! Such fun when you can get so much play potential when you combine different makes and companies to create fun and independent doll play.
Thank you Madelon for sharing your dolls and photos with us today. As with all our posts we would love to hear from you so please leave us a comment here or email us at

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  1. Really love Cora's accessories. I wonder if OG will sell the accessories separately?