Friday, January 29, 2016

Today's Color is RED!

Today I wanted to share some of my favorite red items from around the dolly world. Every doll should have at least one pair of red shoes and Springfield Dolls makes this easy with their Sparkle Red Flats which are on sale right now on line for $1.99 . These red beauties fit a number of 18 inch dolls and dress up every outfit! Click here for shop and listing.
Not just for Christmas Red is a stunning color and this is my favorite red dress from My Girl Clothing Co. Click here to learn more about this stunning sparkling red party dress. 
I am so very proud of this red outfit offered by Maplelea, as a Canadian this outfit really speaks to me and is something I would totally wear to show my Canadian Pride. This aptly named outfit called Northern Spirit is very high up on my Maplelea wish list! Learn more about this outfit by clicking here.
While I am not sure about the light blue skates I do love American Girl's Maryellen's Skating Dress. Click here to learn more about this fun outfit available in both Canada and the USA

I hope you enjoyed seeing some of my red favorite items from the dolly world. 
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  1. I really like the Maplelea outfit too! Super trendy!

    As for the blue skates, I just want to mention that my first pair or skates, back in 1977, were light blue (with navy blue fur at the top), and they were bought second hand, so I don't know exactly how old they were. But that makes me see Maryellen's skates a whole different way because I see they are historically accurate (maybe just a little in advance in time, as I'd guess my skates were from the 1960's).

  2. Love the swingy skirt in Maryellen's skating coat. The Maplea outfit has more mix and match ability.