Monday, May 22, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment with Jenny

As you can imagine, in a house of seven, there are always things to be done.  Helping out is imperative.  We are very structured, routine parents.  You have to be to keep everything going smoothly.  I always say to myself anything after a shower is just bonus.  Children definitely thrive on predictable patterns, of course, with five children there are the occasions where days don’t fit into my ideal scenario.

  I often wonder why I never become a coffee drinker.  This past week has been filled with taekwondo, parent luncheons, softball, two orthodontist appointments, one well visit, and grocery shopping.  In between all of those responsibilities, I certainly found time to get Natty and Lauren outside, while WNY had some 85 degree weather.  I decided it would be a great day for the park.  Natalie is new to navigating the playgrounds, especially with other children.  This is her first spring/summer that she is really old enough to have fun outside.  

The park was loaded with moms and toddlers drippy with watermelon and Teddy Grahams crumbs.  I was beyond shocked on how well Natalie climbed, explored, watched, and took turns!  The week prior, when we played with our dolls, we practiced taking turns on our indoor Little Tykes slide.  I really emphasized the importance of walking to the slide and giving other friends space to climb up the stairs safely.  Natalie loved every time Lea slid down into the ball pit.

  This is also a great time to demonstrate using the slide correctly, especially if there are many friends at the playground, you want to show that sitting or standing or even climbing back up the slide it not safe when other children are going down.  Which I am sure none of our children have ever done J.  I couldn’t believe how she was able to use our dolly play in her first real big girl play.  Doll play is important and an easy way to teach toddlers positive traits like turning turns and being safe.
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