Monday, May 8, 2017

Monday Mommy Moment With Jenny From Rita Pita Boutique

  Mommy Mondays Moments are just beginning here on Karen Mom of Three's Craft blog! Today we welcome Etsy Shop Owner,  Crafter and Mom Jenny from the Rita Pita Boutique Etsy Shop. 

                GASP! When you see your toddler running down the hall dragging your older daughter’s American Girl Doll by her hair in one hand and squishing a sticky bun in the other.   What’s a mom to do it that moment? Run! Run Fast! Retrieve the doll from the sticky toddler and assess the damage.  

Just sticky buns on the dolls limbs? Easy! Baby wipe it off.  Sticky mess in the doll’s hair?  Wash the sticky section in lukewarm water and a mild soap (like baby wash) be sure not to get the doll wet!  Loosely towel dry, do not blow dry.  That’s how typical mornings go around here.  So now that your doll is sticky bun free, you can feed and bathe the actual children.   After tub time, baby Lauren is down for her first nap (in our home she is known as Logee), the older three just slammed the door, as they ran to the bus, and now it’s time for mommy and Natty to get in some quality playtime.  Most mornings we tend to gravitate toward coloring, play dough, and other random odds and ends of toys.  Until, we really started focusing our time with dolls.  So much can be taught through the world of dolls, much more than nurturing and motherhood, however that is an important and meaningful piece to doll play. 

 Toddlers mimic much of their play through watching others.  This week we practiced using manners with our dollies.  The simple exchange of a please and thank you.  There is no magic trick here, just practice handing objects to your doll with your toddler using the language “please” and “thank you”.  Keep this talk active in your child’s play and daily activities and you will be able to see the cross over in their vocabulary to family situations.  It’s a neat thing to watch.  The morning zips by, lunch is served with pleases and thank yous.  The toddler is down for a nap with her blanket and a calculator, after three stories – because books are just as important as dolls.  I walk down the stairs to begin work on my projects, then I hear can’t be.. Logee starts to cry.
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