Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Huge Welcome To South African Girl Dolls!

Today I am so excited to share with you some of the newest dolls in the 18 inch dolly world. Welcome the South African Girl Dolls!  Please welcome Annie, Zoey and Nandi!
These three 18 inch dolls are a first for South Africa. "We do not have 18” dolls here at all. These are the first girls. Later we are planning more traditional dolls." says their creator and visionary Liese

"We will be adding short stories to the page soon. These will be fun for girl living outside of South Africa for them to learn about our way of living here and all the cultures we have. A fun fact you can mention is that we have 11 official languages! We are also known as the rainbow nation. Don’t you just love how many colors we have in our flag!"
 For those of you who are doll collectors South African Girl dolls will ship world wide...
"For International shipping I was able to get an average for the world. It differs by a few dollars so I made it an easy flat rate of $40. You can add an outfit or 2 without changing the shipping cost. The dolls are priced at $88. The shipping is high because we are so low down on the planet."
 "Interesting fact:My sample dolls travelled via Fedex and went from Nanjing, China to Mumbai, India. Then Paris, France and finally South Africa! Can you imagine how well travelled your doll is once she has crossed international borders!"
To find out more about these wonderful dolls click here
  Check out The South African Girl Doll Blog by clicking here!

These beautiful dolls are always up to something fun on their blog, with stories, crafts and more be sure to add them to your favorites!

 We are looking forward to sharing more about South African Girl Dolls with you again soon!
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  1. Thank you Karen! This is such an exciting time and so much fun having new dolls to play with!

  2. I think Nandi is absolutely gorgeous!!!

  3. I think Nandi's my favorite too!

  4. I have ordered an Annie and cant wait to get her.

  5. I ordered an Annie and am looking forward to receiving her.