Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Brandy's Gumball Machines for Dolls!

Today is all about gumball machines first Madelon Shared with us her Fun Find of doll sized Valentine  Gum Ball Machines and now I am thrilled to share with you Brandy's Gumball Machine as well!
Madelon's Fun Find from a post earlier today!
Brandy's Gumball Machine find!
Brandy has created such a cute Gumball machine like the ones I remember seeing at the grocery store as a child. I love this and I know you will too!
Here is how to make Brandy's  Doll Sized Gumball Machine:

"My daughters had received backpack clips that were mini gumball containers
for a Christmas present this past year.  My girls asked me to recycle the
containers into a gumball machine for their dolls."

"I started by washing out the container and letting it dry very well.  I put
in mini multicolor pompoms to resemble gumballs."

"For the stand I used glass glue.  I used two different sized large metal
washers and glued them on top of each other.  I wanted the base to have some
weight because I didn't want it to be top-heavy and tip over.  Next, I glued
a large hex screw to the washers.  Once dry, I glued the container on top."

"I used a 6 inch screw for the stem.  I think a slightly shorter one would
have looked better, but I was concerned with it being too short next to an
18 inch doll."


Well we have bee so fortunate today to have Brandy and Madelon share with us their wonderful finds and crafts! I love this idea and I know many of you are going to enjoy making these for your doll play collections!
A big thank you to both Brandy and to Madelon for today's posts!
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  1. This is adorable, on the hunt for a small gumball machine now! Thanks Brandy & Karen!Jean