Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy Chinese or Lunar New Year, Madelon Shares Her Good Luck Feast With Us!

 Madelon sent these photos and this wonderful New Year idea to share with you all for Chinese or Lunar New Year!
 "I was looking for a dessert to celebrate Chinese New Year on Sunday when I came across Chinese sticky rice cake. It is made in a variety of ways. This version looked appetizing so we tried to recreate it." Said Madelon (click the link for the recipe for People version!)

"Our cake is made from spongy material cut into two circles. A brown satin ribbon acts as the filling. It is hot-glued between the spongy pieces. Small beads sprinkled on top replicates a dusting of cinnamon and brown sugar."
Mia gets ready for her Chinese New Year feast. She is having lo mein noodles (made from Sephora packaging), a whole chicken, soup and lettuce wrap.

"It is better luck not to cut the noodles before they are cooked"

"A whole chicken represents good luck!"


"The tray is from an actual adult cooking set"


"Chopsticks are actually erasers!"


 "This eraser makes a wonderful drink for dolls!"


Thank you Madelon! 

As well to our readers who celebrate a very Happy Lunar New Year!

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