Thursday, February 28, 2013

Brandy's Amazing Nachos

Today Brandy shares with us her Amazing Nachos set. As always I am so impressed I hope you will be too!
Inspired by AG's new set!

Whenever the American Girl company comes out with a new line of items I
can't help but wonder how I can recreate those ideas into a similar product
at a much lower price.  And best of all I have fun crafting and my daughters
get something new to play with.

The nacho plate from American Girl's new Fun & Games Tables set is super
cute.  With some thought I came up with a creative way to get the same look
at a fraction of the cost.

 Here is how I did it:

Items needed: yellow craft foam, black card stock paper, glue, puff paint in
orange/white/lime green/red, scissors, 1/4 inch hole punch, 1/8 inch hole
punch, tan Sharpie marker.

First I cut many small triangles out of the yellow foam paper to create the
nacho chips.

Then I took a tan Sharpie and added a few spice accents to the top and
bottom of each triangle.

I put the triangles into a bowl and added enough glue to completely cover
each piece of foam.  I mixed them up by hand.  I took a piece of wax paper
and light sprayed it with cooking spray.  I clumped together the foam/glue
mixture and set on the wax paper.  I also did a few smaller clumps to make
individual servings.

Once dry the pieces will adhere together in one mass.

I then took the orange puff paint to resemble melted cheese and sporadically
spread it over the mound of nachos.  I let that dry.

Next, I took the red puff paint to resemble salsa and dropped that over the
mound of nachos.   I took a piece of black card stock and used a 1/8 hole
punch and a 1/4 inch hole punch to make black olives.  While the red puff
paint was still wet I laid the paper black olives in place.

Finally I took the lime green puff paint to resemble guacamole and the white
puff paint to resemble sour cream and squirted a dollop of each on the very
top of the mound of nachos.

To finish it off I paired it with Payne Street Doll Boutique's Table and
Hodge-Podge Cushions set.  A Target dollar bin game is a perfect size.
Please see how I made the root beer floats in this previous blog post:

A huge thank you to Brandy for this wonderful idea! My favorite part has to be the Lime Green Guacamole! So ingenious!
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  1. Thanks! These look even better than the ones from AG. I can't wait to gather the supplies to make these with my DD.

  2. Brilliant as always Brandy! Gonna make these for sure, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great set! I agree with Sue. I like these better than AG.