Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Brandy's DIY Version of Caroline's Travel Basket

Caroline's Travel Basket shown above is the one Brandy has created, here is how she did it!

-The basket was purchased at Hobby Lobby for $2.00.
-I hemmed a small piece of scrap fabric to make a cloth napkin.
-The apples were recycled from an old decorative front door wreath.
-The gingerbread cakes were made from 1 inch wood round head plugs.  I found
these at my local Michael's craft store.  Each was painted a warm brown.
Once dry, I used tacky glue to add white opaque glitter to resemble powdered
-The map was the American Girl map printed out on card-stock paper.
 Now that is really cool! Thank you Brandy for sharing this fun, easy and inexpensive DIY Travel Basket!

 American Girl's basket and travel outfit offered on line by clicking here
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  1. I think I like Brandy's version better!

  2. I think it is cooler than ag. I am so getting the supplies for the cakes