Sunday, May 18, 2014

123 Mulbery Street Patterns For 13-14 inch Dolls!

One of my favorite doll designers is 123 Mulberry Street and is offering her patterns for the 12-14 inch dolls like Hearts 4 Hearts dolls for $3.99!
Now why I am sharing these patterns today is the recent interest in these lovely little dolls from many of my wonderful readers and offers patterns by designers like 123 Mulberry Street that are patterns I learned to sew with and I highly recommend and trust. So if you are learning to sew, or have wanted to try to sew knit fabric take it from me when I tell you YOU CAN DO IT This is a beginner pattern!! Just start with a fresh sewing needle in your machine each project and you will be amazed how easy it really is to sew knit fabric!
 If Knitting is more your speed check out the Baby Doll Beanie hat, wildly popular and a step by step pattern is a great way to get your doll lovers engaged in some fun summer projects that can easily turn into a dolly craft hobby business  at your summer lemonade stands! Check the pattern out here on from 123 Mulberry Street
Let me know what you think of these patterns & Hearts For Hearts Dolls, and let the dolly world know you are looking for more by leaving a comment here.

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