Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Walmart Fun Finds! Flower Hair Clips and Great Outifts For Dolly's In The Baby Section !

Finding items for doll play in the most unlikely of places is a talent we know Madelon has, today she shares with us her baby section find at Walmart. 

Adorable right! 

Keep your eyes open for wonderful hair accessories that wont snag your dolls hair like the ones Madelon has found in the baby section of her Walmart! At $1 these make a great party favor and you can afford to pick up a few for dolly and me outfits!
 Now let's talk about her dress.  Madelon picked this yellow polka dotted dress in the baby section too!
This two piece set sold for under $7 and with a slight adjustment in the back makes a wonderful dolly dress!
An unexpected bonus the shorts fit too!
Remember that not all dolls are made exactly alike, some of my AG dolls have larger bottoms and waists then others so these may need adjusting if your doll is a little light in the stuffing. This is a great find and Thank you so much to Madelon for sharing her finds and ideas with us today!

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  1. Thanks for sharing! I can't read the size in the picture. Do you know what baby size fits the dolls best?