Tuesday, May 20, 2014

3 Science Inspired Items For 18 inch Dolls Etsy Favorites!

I loved the Magic School Bus TV show and books when my older son was younger and I came across this fun little outfit when I was looking on Etsy for something space related for my younger son. This made me so excited to see. I loved Ms. Frizzle the teacher and this is absolutely one of the outfits she would have loved to wear! This outfit is offered in NancysBigIdeas Etsy shop for $28 and has inspired today's post about Dolly Science Etsy Favorites. Click here to see the outfit and Nancy's Etsy Shop.

Our friends over at Paynestreet have also come up with a great set! For $125 you get this set with the chairs (AG doll and set sold through American Girl) click here for Payne Street's Etsy Shop!

I saw the Science set at AG and I loved the idea of the set. I think I may have to put it on my wish list. Let me know if you find anymore Science inspired Etsy play sets I would love to see them!
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  1. I love Ms. Frizzle...that is really something she'd wear!