Friday, May 9, 2014

My Life Spring Outfit, Dress, Shrug and Hairband A Great Doll Play Value Under $10

Madelon went to Walmart recently and they had many wonderful new Spring dresses in the My Life As collection. This dress and headband were sold with a net shrug for $9.97!
 This outfit is fantastic, the hair bow is so lovely on the band but the band it's self has teeth so be-careful  not to snag your dolls hair!

I love how the shrug is so simple it really adds to the outfit!
This is a great find and a wonderful addition to Madelon's Dolls Wardrobe! Keep a look out for these wonderful outfits as they are sure to sell out fast!
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  1. That looks so much better on the doll than on the hanger! Thank you for sharing your review.