Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog Dolly Summer School- Crochet!

Welcome back to Dolly Summer School, last week we featured knitting tutorials and this week we will feature some crochet patterns. I will tell you that I am not able to crochet more then just chaining on and I am in awe of how fast those who crochet are at putting together items for dolls!
I have one and only one crochet pattern tutorial, let's face it is more of a finger knit project but I will share the scarf tutorial here and then give you some inspiring tutorials you can try as well. Click here for my Scarf of Hundreds of Chains. 

Too cool  not to share but this is a crochet doll guitar, you can find the pattern by clicking here from Donna's Crochet Designs. 

Every doll needs a poncho and I love this pattern tutorial, I really would like to master this pattern one day! Click here for Maggies Crochet.Com 

Check out this fun drop waist crochet dress pattern from BizzyCrochet by clicking here
Thank you for joining us for Dolly Summer School this week, next week we will be back with easy sew projects for your dolls!
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  1. Ooh, thankyou. I love to crochet in winter (I'm in a Australia).