Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog Dolly Summer School- Doll Food Tutorials

Welcome back to Dolly Summer School. This week we are sharing our doll food tutorials.
One of my most recent doll food tutorials was featured earlier this year on Doll Diaries for some fun and easy doll sized pineapples made from pine cones! Click here for the tutorial. 
Brandy always amazes me with her attention to detail in her fun doll food crafts click here to see her pies and cookies! 
Brandy made this crock pot and crock pot meal that I still to this day an in awe of. Click here for her crock pot idea and tutorial. 

Brandy's PB&J Sandwich looks so real, click here for her tutorial. 

Hot dogs on a stick? Click here for my Doll Diaries tutorial. 
If Cheese Burgers are more your thing click here for my Daydream Doll Boutique Tutorial. 
How about some cool summer treats? Click here for my tutorial 
How about dolly strawberries? Click here for my Daydream Doll Boutique Tutorial
Doll Sized Apples! Click here.
Lastly  today I will leave you with my easy cake one of my first polymer clay projects and still to this day one of the tutorials I am most proud of. Please Click here for this tutorial.

Thank you for joining us for Dolly Summer School today we are thrilled you stopped by. Please join us next week for Dance Themed Craft tutorials.
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