Friday, September 2, 2016

Dolly Essentials By My Girl Clothing Co.

One of my nieces most favorite item of dolly clothing is dolly underwear. One of the first things they always check is that the dolls have underwear on. It is funny but important for doll play to have realistic and fun doll play items like every day essentials and underwear is such a great item to have in your dolls wardrobe.

My Girl Clothing Co has some truly fun sets for 18 inch dolls in patterns the younger doll lovers are sure to love, I know my nieces love the Disney Inspired prints for sure.

Adding these little items to your doll play wardrobe is a great idea and I love having smaller doll items like these on hand to tuck into our yearly dolly advent calendar or even into the holiday crackers we create for fun family dinners. Learn more about these little gems by clicking here for the My Girl Clothing Co Etsy Shop and her Essentials Page.

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