Tuesday, September 20, 2016

News Update From Hearts For Hearts Dolls!

Great news from our friend and Reader Joanne who wrote to share this news from the Hearts For Hearts Doll Facebook page! 

"HFHG Dolls is thrilled to announce NEW updates of our dolls below! The first 4 dolls relaunching THIS October are Dell from the US, Rahel from Ethiopia, Nahji from India and Consuelo from Mexico. These 4 girls plus the rest of the full line will be released WORLDWIDE later in 2017. The price point will be $39.99 and available on AMAZON.COM and in Specialty Doll and Toy Stores.

We are proud to relaunch the HFHG doll line with an exciting passion for beautiful dolls and stimulating charity worldwide. The new dolls are being crafted by the exact same, wonderful design team. All aspects of the dolls will be exactly as before with some exciting new outfits, accessories and games to come!

A BRAND NEW, child friendly website is in the works with tons of new information and games! All of the girl’s biographies, weekly diary blogs, and updates on World Vision, along with interactive games and much more will all be included in the new, colorful website. The future website and this Facebook page will both be sharing updates on HFHG Dolls. Where the website will be more for your children to learn and be connected to their peer’s cultures worldwide, this Facebook page is a place for you all to come together, talk HFHG Dolls, and share your thoughts and feedback on the dolls and their impact on our world. We are so excited to relaunch the HFHG Dolls and we hope you are too!"

Thank you Joanne for sharing this great news with all of us today!
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  1. So excited for these dolls too be in production again!

  2. Pixiefaire.com is also offering advanced ordering of these dolls! I'm glad they're back too! I just learned about them a few months ago and I've been able to buy several on eBay and redress them. They are very cute dolls!

    - Momma Cat

  3. I pre-ordered Consuelo from Mexico last week. I'm happy that they are back again!