Thursday, January 5, 2017

Dreaming of the Spring and fun playsets from the Lemon Bay Doll Co.

As I sit an write this it is a crisp and sunny but icy and wintery day here on the West Coast of Canada. My thoughts are turning towards Spring and the not to distant Easter break where I hope to find warm sun and green grass to find Easter Eggs in! While that may be weeks away it is not a bad time to put your orders in at the Lemon Bay Doll Company for some fun outdoor inspired play pieces like their Chicken coop shown above. 
You can customize your coop, order extras and find just the right chicken to bring home!
More then just furniture in this shop as well! Do check out the coordinating doll play sets also offered in shop! Click here to view the more then 30 items currently offered in stock at the Lemon Bay Doll Company by clicking here.
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