Monday, January 9, 2017

Shopping The Post Holiday Sales With Madelon

Madelon did some post holiday shopping at her local big box and discount stores and she was surprised to see that TJMax had some of the new OG dolls for sale!
Always a favorite of mine is when Walmart starts to clear out the toys, great deals to be had on the My Life As collection. I was in my local Walmart here in North Vancouver and they even had the boy dolls still and on sale!
Now is the perfect time to snatch up the head phones from the Walmart My Life as section, as they are a very popular item right now with the release of AG's girl of the year.
Thank you Madelon for reminding us to keep our eyes out for these wonderful fun finds!
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  1. Sears has all their doll stuff on sale at 60% off. Metrotown and Brentwood Town Centre had good amounts left. We got the pizza parlour and cafe set (~$20 each), the baseball outfits ($10) and the Christmas outfits (~$7). I got some of the OG stuff before Christmas at Winners in Metrotown and the one closest to Lougheed and Gilson, but they had very little left last week.

  2. One of our Targets had an overstock of deluxe dolls so they were clearing them out at half price. Our Walmarts stock terribly. :(