Sunday, January 15, 2017

Madelon's GOTY and Truly Me We Would Love Your Thoughts

Today Madelon is sharing her thoughts on what many of us have been thinking about when it comes to how the American Girl Company rolled out this years GOTY. Madelon was someone who purchased a truly me doll that was then retired and turned into this years Girl of the Year. In Madelon's photo above Gabriela has her arm up, the doll beside her is the doll of the year.

"AG sent a free outfit to make Truly Me a GOTY. This concerns me somehow as I feel it takes away from the GOTY as presented to the public on January 1. Don't get me wrong, I think both dolls are gorgeous, but I wish the GOTY was unique as the other GOTYs had been." ~ Madelon

I agree with Madelon 100%, while Gabriela is a beautiful doll. However I feel like American Girl had a chance to do something even more special with this years doll and unfortunately missed hitting the mark on making it feel truly special. I do appreciate that they sent the meet outfit to those who purchased this years doll as a truly me, but I am dumbfounded as to what looks like careless planning on the part of a company that used to have so much attention to detail. I purchased Gabriela here in Canada at our local American Girl Store and paid $160.00 for her, I love the doll but I am disappointed in her box and lack of neck string.  I would love to hear what you think.
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  1. Karen I totally agree with you. Other GOTYs are unique; this one seems less distinctive. It raises the concern that future GOTYs will be "recycled" retired models.

  2. Somehow, it looks like they didn't want their first (and only) AA GOTY to be a success. It looks like her collection isn't as special as the other ones since so much is recycled from stuff they've had in the past. So it feels like then they can say to customers complaining about their special dolls being mostly white and not taking into account the diversity of the American people that when they do try, it doesn't work, people don't buy the stuff... I never bought a GOTY, but part of me would want to buy Gaby's collection just to prove them wrong (but I won't, because I don't have this kind of money, and I already have Cecile who looks a lot like Gabriela!).

  3. As usual a small ma&pop pleasant company was out doing abig Franchise Mattel co so they are trying to prove barbie brand is still the champion where they could of did something special by ruling the doll industry they just mess it up American girl pleasant company still had the right Ideal I'm still gonna buy the goty but I'm very sadden how mattel is ruining a very good marketing ideal just had another granddaughter on Thanksgiving day 2016 she will get her first bitty baby on her first birthday but will miss out on 2018 goty so sad ����

  4. My daughter got to choose an AG doll a few weeks ago as a late Christmas present. She has always wanted the GOTY dolls and I thought for sure she'd choose Gaby, since my daughter is AA and a dancer...but she chose Melody...but purchased Gabys accessories...I asked the staff about the boxing and they dislike it as well.
    They said AG was purchased by Mattel last year and have since seen changes they are not happy with....I do like the sales however so I can afford them.

  5. I think the doll is very cute. But, I agree with you. To be GOTY, it should be something very special, otherwise why bother?