Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Vancouver Store Gabriela Launch

My niece and I braved the Vancouver Ice and snow on January 1st for the release of the Girl of the year.
We brought home Gabriela and my niece and I think she is fantastic. We love her hair so much!
This was such an exciting thing to do with her as she was visiting from Montreal and the store was not busy at all! We had a nice visit wit a few familiar faces but we missed Miss Nikki, now that she is not in the store I felt like a bit of the magic was gone. This doll though and her line is wonderful and we are thrilled.

I love the store exclusives and was surprised to see what was on sale!
Great outfits and colors!

First time for me seeing the fun camper too!
The store was not busy but there Gabriela was flying of the shelf!
Great job AG with this years doll of the year!
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  1. I will have to go and check her out. Her hair is pretty cool.

  2. So fun! I have yet to see Gabriela in person. Looks like you two had a good time, your niece is so lucky to have an Auntie like you! <3