Friday, January 6, 2017

Our Generation Dolls Are Becoming More Unique...

Our Generation has some truly lovely new dolls. Madelon has been busy scoping out the new arrivals at her Target store. Take a look at this lovely looking doll Nia!
She has a lovely new face mold!

A soft and sweet expression.
Which matches her lovely dancer outfit and her fantastic price point. Good job Our Generation, keep up the good work. Making doll play more affordable and accessible and now even more adorable!
Thank you Madelon for today's Our Generation Spotlight!
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  1. I am glad a toy company is stepping up their game and giving AG a run for their money. I am happy to see the new face molds and different skin tones for these dolls! This is one that is absolutely gorgeous! I have never thought about buying an OG before, but I really like this one a lot. How is the new OG hair? I usually don't get to work with the new OG's since The ones that are donated for me to fix up or the older ones wit's not so great hair that I usually end up shaving off and rewigging . How does it compare to AG or MA hair? Is it brushable, does it hold up, and how is the longevity?

  2. The OG dolls really are getting prettier. I've been tempted to buy a couple.