Friday, June 22, 2012

Brandy makes beautiful music for her daughters

Brandy sent me photos of this amazing piano she made for her daughters dolls and I am thrilled she is letting me share it with you.

"I made my daughter, Jayla, a little keyboard to match the one she plays on.
She was so excited.  She has practiced all morning.  Hmmm....who would have
thought a doll keyboard would make her want to practice more.

This was a really inexpensive craft.  I had most supplies already on hand.
I always use my Michael's coupons too!" 

"For the keyboard stand I did purchased two craft 6 3/4 inch wood
candlesticks.  I also purchased a package set of rectangular wood pieces.
Total wood cost was around $5.  I glued one of the wood rectangles to the
top of the candle sticks.  I spray painted the stand black."

"For the keyboard I took the other wood rectangle and painted it silver.  I
found a piano keyboard template in the American Girl School Craft Set that
my daughters had received for Easter.  I laminated the keyboard to make it
last longer with play.  I then used textured card stock paper and made
speakers.  I used a yellow piece of laminated card stock for the display
screen.  I used a hole puncher and punched rectangles and circles from gray
and red foam paper for various buttons. The volume buttons are pony beads.
I hot-glued two mini Christmas Tree Light Command Hooks to the back of the
keyboard to use as a music stand.  I used furniture bumpers between the two
pieces of wood to keep them from getting scratched up."

I love this craft and as always Brandy's creativity is something I am just so blessed to share with all of you!
Thank you brandy for this inspiring craft!

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  1. Such a cute Idea Karen. I love it!

  2. This is absolutely wonderful!!!!! A few years ago I printed out a keyboard from AG Magazine with the intent of making a piano. Have since lost the paper keyboard! I would definitely make this if I could just find the keyboard! Such a great job Brandy!!!!!!!!