Saturday, September 7, 2013

Check Out An Amazing Doll House For Your Dolls

Have you seen the amazing new doll house for your dolls from My Girl's Doll House? I am so excited to see this 5 room doll house on the market and I know you will be too.
Finally girls can have the doll house of their dreams ,while parents can rest easy knowing that the investment they have made in their daughters doll play items are not only safely stored but also beautifully displayed!

The top of the doll house is a real gem! An attic room that features a special place for your doll clothes to be hung and displayed!
This amazing doll house is available for the up coming holiday gift giving season! You can customize your doll house by visiting or
I love this sophisticated look!

The outsides are as cute as the inside!

I love the different looks!

Click here to see the video of these amazing doll houses. I will keep you posted on when My Girl's Doll House arrives, I can not wait to share it with you!
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  1. I love this! Will they ship to Canada? Jean

  2. They will eventually. They are opening it to the USA Market first.