Thursday, September 5, 2013

Madelon Reviews The My Life Horse

"After reading a doll blogger's review of the My Doll's Life horse, I took another look. For $27 this is a great doll play item."

It has a fake fur cover like the AG horses have, which I really like.

I love the attention to detail. Look at the tiny horse shoes!
I really like the felt  pink horse blanket and saddle the horse comes with,

As well it comes with reins and two ankle wraps.
 Saige fits so nicely in the saddle!
I made the skirt Saige is wearing from a Fabric Ralf Lauren Napkin.
I chose this napkin because it matched Saige's hair!
I really like this horse! At $27.99 this My Life Horse is a great addition to my doll play collection! Keep your eyes out at Walmart for one to add to your collection!
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