Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Madelon's Doll Shower

Madelon shared with me recently this doll shower that her daughters made for her. I think it is brilliant!

"They used sparkly scrapbook paper and a cardboard box, for the shower wall. It gives a black marble feel. There is a bucket in the right corner from which the water comes out."

 "They used a towel from the dollar store as a spa wrap."
They added shelves inside, small travel sized bottles for doll bath room necessities and I love the tissue paper water and shower curtain! 

I love handmade items girls make for their dolls and for their Moms dolls! Thank you for sharing with us this wonderful craft Madelon! I am sure your dolls love it as much as you do! Remember you can always share your ideas and photos for doll play with us just by sending an email. Please have your parents permission first. We just might feature it here in a future post.
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  1. Cute!

    Come check out my latest post!


    Thanks! :D Danielle

  2. !! have you seen the new journey girls doll Jordana - at Toysrus? I'm kicking myself for not taking a photo.... 2 tone hair, brown eyes, wearing a long blue ball gown, and gloves - one of those things you have an immediate wow response.