Saturday, September 14, 2013

Kick Starter I Am So Excited About! My Girl's Dollhouse!

I am so excited about getting my own My Girl's Dollhouse. My Girl's Dollhouse has just announced it's Kick Starter Program!
If you are new to what KickStarter is a way to raise money to have your company reach it's goals. My Girl's Dollhouse shares on their KickStarter page why they are looking to get funded....
"It's a big house and a big undertaking and we need your help!  We've been moving fast to create these initial 4 designs, but are seeking to make enough houses available for the holiday season.  Currently we are able to make the initial minimum in that time frame.  However, we know that's not enough.  Our goal is to make 3x as many available to produce at the end of our Kickstarter campaign in October.  Your contributions towards our $45,000 goal will help us achieve that production volume in this very short time frame.  We are very happy to reward you with some unique incentives for your help!"
 "We have big dreams for our big house!  Not only do we want to meet this season's demand, which we will do if we meet our funding goal, we also want to take it to the next level and offer even more designs, create customization options such as custom graphics, and even offer new house frame styles.  If we are able to meet our initial goal of $45,000 we will then plan to make these other options available for our 2014 line.  So your initial contribution will really help create a lasting brand for the long run that eventually will give us the ability to create more options!"
This is such a fun and wonderful Kickstarter and I am so excited to participate! 
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  1. I thought I read they don't ship to Canada? Please correct me if I'm wrong Karen.

    Barb N.

  2. Yes at this time they are not shipping directly to Canada. I live very close to the border. I understand that if successful enough there may be away that shipping to Canada will become routine.

  3. Thanks Karen for your speedy reply! and lucky you :D

  4. Love this dollhouse, do you know if you order one from kickstarter and they don't reach their financial goal, would you still receive your dollhouse by December.

  5. It is my understanding that yes you will get your Dollhouse by December.