Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daydream's Frozen Shop Items For 18 inch Dolls

It is Frozen Day here on Karen Mom of Three's Craft Blog and I have had this set of doll dresses from Daydream Doll Boutique in my own collection for a few months now and they are my nieces most favorite outfits. I can personally attest to how well made they are and how much doll play time they have seen!
The removable cape on this gown  was what really sold me on it! It is two looks in one and my nieces and I were thrilled when we got put it on our dolls. This gown is offered at $24.99 and I feel it is worth much more then what we paid for it!
The snowflake train on this gown is stunning! My niece Thea loves to stand the doll up and fan and fluff this train constantly. It is her favorite outfit and I think every doll in my collection has had this gown on at least twice!
Doll shoes are a bit of an obsession for me! I love Anna's boots and Elsa's shoes as well! Starting at $6.99 these are a must add on item and fit so well in a stocking or as an accompaniment with a gift card! Every year my niece LB gets a pair of doll shoes at Christmas from me and I think these go to the top of my list to get her this year!
Also offered starting at $6.99 are Frozen graphic t-shirts!
The Frozen themed pj's are also a wonderful additon to your dolls collection and I know that the Pj top can double as a dolly school shirt! Check out the fluffy slippers included too!
There is so much more in the Frozen Store at Daydream Doll Boutique. Click here to view the Frozen Shop and start your holiday wish list today!

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