Thursday, August 20, 2015

Its Almost Time For The Sears Canada Christmas Wish Book! Check Out Some Of The Newberry Dolls & Items!

Excuse the poor quality photos I found but I am so excited to see just loaded on the website the Newberry Doll Line for the 2015 Christmas Season. I know that these beautiful dolls will be making their holiday debut with new outfits and accessories shortly and for me getting the Christmas Wish Book is always a very exciting time for me and my sisters.

 These are just some of the new dolls and outfits I was able to download from the website and I am so excited to see these dolls. They are priced between $23.99 and $49.99 at the time of publishing and the accessories added for this season are great too!
This partial download shoes the mirror from the Storage Solution Rack! Click here for listing.
You get a grainy idea from this photo of the set which includes the rack, mirror, and hangers. It stands 16 inches tall.
I am getting excited as this is about the time I get my  notice to pick up my Christmas Catalog and for me it is a magical time of year! 
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