Monday, July 24, 2017

Mommy Monday Moment

As the summer heat drags on here in WNY, that means we are getting closer and closer to receiving the NYS Common Core State Test results in the mail.  Which, in our home, coming from two elementary educations, is actually NOT a big deal.  We simply tell each of our test taking children: do your best, take your time, don't be annoying or rude (which we know they wouldn't, but we've certainly experienced on the other side of the desk and whatever your score is, we are fine, that number does not define you as a person or a learner or your future endeavors.  There is so much more to worry about, on our short stay here, on Planet Earth, than what your score was on the math and reading tests in the fifth and eighth grade.  However, with that being said, I did tell Kaitlyn that if she received a 3 or 4, on both the NYS math and reading, we would buy her a new American Girl Doll, is it wrong now that I am crossing my fingers that she only gets a 2, on at least one of them.  (giggle, giggle).

This week I have tried hard to plan, cheap, entertaining, morning trips, while my husband was at a science workshop all week.  Hauling five kids around isn't too bad, the things I do now, I would have never thought I was capable of in the past on my own .  The kids and I had memorable times created just thirty minutes from our house everyday this week.  From fairs to trails and playgrounds.

Even mommies need breaks though. I am excited to spend the evening out with friends at "ZooBrew" and catching some dinner and a few drinks.  It has been a long, busy week.  There was an explosion of orders this week that I have been trying to stay on top of, I hate making people wait, and I feel completely honored when someone asks me to make something for their dolls.  I even made a hutch for rag doll rabbits this week, such fun!  Enjoy the week friends, keep crafting and reading!

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