Saturday, March 2, 2013

Aunty Karen's Dolly Spa Day

My nieces and their Dolls are visiting from Montreal, Today Trinity and I have had a Aunty, Niece and Dolly Spa day. We thought we would share the photos with you!
This is "Horsella" in the left photo and "Rebbeca" in the right photo before their Spa Treatment

Horsella, had knotted dry hair when she came to Aunty Karen's Doll Spa and to fix it we gave her a downy dunk.  Then we rinsed out the downy and we combed out her knots. Then we put her hair in a Ponytail with a bow.
Trinity loved the Springfield Collection Cheer leading outfit so we put Horsella in this wonderful outfit.
Springfield Close are easy to find at your local craft stores and are so reasonably priced. They make great gifts and wonderful additions to doll play collections
Rebecca got the same treatment as Horsella and she even kept her curls! We love her American Girl Tshirt so we decided not to change her outfit but gave her a pretty bow instead.
It is easy to have a Dolly Spa day, just remember to not get your dolls eyes wet and to use a wire wig brush!
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  1. Wow! You did a great job!!!

  2. I was amazed at how dry the wigs are for Rebbeca and for Mckenna who I also worked on, Anyone else notice this?

  3. Hi Karen, you did a great job on these dollies hair! And yes I have McKenna and I find her wig very annoying, it is almost impossible to do any sort of braid! She sheds a lot of hair too :(