Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Chrissa Get's Ready for Easter

 Today Madelon shares with us some of her Easter Photos of Chrissa.
"These flowers were purchased at a Hallmark store awhile ago. Her outfit is from Sophia's. The necklaces are actually iron-ons that came on the top."
 Don't you love the little bow on this basket? A great find!

 "I would like to make this jewelry with real beads." says Madelon. I think  they really do look real!

"The pink satin bow belt attaches to the skirt."

  "I purchased mini egg ornaments at Michael's for 40 per cent off planning to photograph an egg hunt. Well, then the snow came and we decided to color eggs instead." Says Madelon
"I cut off the strings for doll play."
How cute! The egg fits in the little measuring spoon!

"We used our green glass to pretend dye our egg"

"Use a small cupcake tray to hold the decorated eggs while they dry"

These are simply adorable and what a great doll play set Madelon has made for her dolls!

Thank you Madelon for sharing these adorable Easter Photos with us!
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  1. Where did the little cupcake tray come from?

  2. I believe it is from Our Generation but I will ask Madelon

  3. Madelon says she "believes that baking set came from Walmart as part of their My Life As doll collection."