Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Dress Like Your Favorite American Girl Historical Doll with Fashions by Katie Bug Mommy

I am so happy to report that Katie Bug Mommy's Etsy shop is back. After taking time off to add to her family, American Girl Historical loving girls and their moms can again order from her wonderful shop offering child sized dresses matching all the American Girl Historical Dolls.
 These handmade outfits are beautifully made and sure to be a favorite addition to your doll lovers personal wardrobe.
It is honestly so hard for me to pick a favorite outfit from Katie Bug Mommy's Shop
What little girl would not love to dress up as her favorite character?
I do love this set and am so impressed with how well it matches the doll sized one!
I love Kit's Reporter Dress don't you?
It's never to early to think a head to the holidays.....
The detail is spot on and I love each of these fun fashions and you can see all of the outfits Katie Bug Mommy offers by clicking here
More then costumes these dresses are a connection to history, every girl deserves the chance to be like her favorite American Girl Historical Character, and now thanks to Katie Bug Mommy's Etsy Shop we can do just that.
These Custom Made Dresses and Garments for American Girl Fans are offered from $18 to $70.
Click here to visit Katie Bug Mommy's Etsy shop.
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  1. So pretty! I am loving Julie's calico dress (on her site). Thanks for sharing this link!!

  2. My pleasure! She has such a great site!

  3. Aww I wish I could fit into these outfits :D