Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Rainy Vancouver Day Here Is What I Made

It is almost Spring here in Vancouver and today is one of our very many rainy days. I thought you may like to see  what I made for one of my swaps this morning.
Some of you may know that I make and swap doll clothes on  Swap-bot. It is one of my most favorite hobbies and this month we had a Sew From Your Stash Swap. This means we can not go out and buy fabric or notions for the swap we have to use what we have on hand and create something for our partners doll. 

I really liked how it turned out. I would also like to thank Skippy's Mom who sent me the fabric a few months back. Where I live we do not have access to the great patterns and fabric that my friends in the USA enjoy. I must remember to stop and pick some up in the next time I am in Washington State! This fabric is even water resistant! Perfect for the type of weather here in Vancouver.
I have to be honest and tell you I rarely need to wear a coat here except for the rain our weather is mild and for that I am thankful.

If you are over 18 and someone who loves to send and receive things in the mail check out Swap-bot by clicking here. It is fun to travel the world for the cost of a postage stamp...

I hope where ever you are today you have a wonderful day. Time to pack up this coat and mail it to my partner.
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  1. I KNOW I LIVE IN VANCOUVER TOO!I hate the rain

  2. So happy to have you so close by Toygirl! 02!

  3. That coat is adorable! Great idea.

  4. What a clever use of the pattern! Clever... love it!

  5. Nice work, Karen! I hadn't thought of making a rain coat from that pattern but it looks great. Do you remember what you did to modify it? I'm going to look for cute laminated cotton the next time I'm out at a fabric store.

  6. Thanks everyone, I did not attach the bottom piece of the robe to the front and back and I shortened the sleeve by 1 inch.

  7. Great job on the coat Karen! Sometimes I miss the Vancouver rain but, more times not! Lol!
    I have made raincoats for the dolls using the Oxford coat pattern from liberty Jane works well.
    Keep dry but, imagine the awesome flowers soon! Jean

  8. OMGosh when I first saw this I selfishly hoped that it was mine. YAY!!! Words cannot describe how pretty this coat is, and such a good job!! My doll did not have a raincoat. Now she has the best one ever. Thank you Karen!!!!