Thursday, March 7, 2013

Today March 7th is Cereal Day!

Madelon kindly reminded me that today is Cereal Day. "
  McKenna decided that today she will have cereal for breakfast in honor of the day."
 This is the bowl Madelon found while on vacation in Canada, she picked up this doll sized bowl at Canada's Dollarama.
 A close up of the milk!
A close up of the Corn Flakes
The milk and cereal are from a pretend food set

Just add the spoon (from an American Girl set) and you are ready for today!
I think I will go have a bowl of Special K with Red berries.....
Thank you Madelon for these inspiring photos.
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  1. Hi Karen,

    You and Madelon should check out this entry from my time capsule!