Thursday, March 21, 2013

Fun Dolly and Me Fashions from Etsy for Spring!

I was looking for fun Easter outfits for Dolls and Daughters on Etsy and came across some of the cutest outfits! Sparkle Pig Designs is always a casual go too these fun fashions are on top of my list. Click here for Sparkle Pig Designs. 
My Sailor Girls offers some truly beautiful outfits. I have two nieces who just love Yellow and this would be their favorite. Click here to check out the wonderful Dolly and Me outfits offered by My Sailor Girls.
How cute are these? Offered by Itty Bitty Kid Boutique these bunny dresses are also a favorite! Click here for Itty Bitty Kid Boutique!
Offered by Gigi Princess Boutique I love this fun set and she will make it out of any fabric you provide! Click here to visit Gigi Princess Boutique.
Check out this fun Etsy shop called A Ray of Stitches. Offering some truly fun Dolly and Me creations! Click here Etsy Shop and Listing.

Dolly and Me outfits on Etsy are truly special when you order for an Etsy shop owner you are getting something beautiful and handmade you are helping support artists and families it is a win win situation!
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