Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Have You Seen The New Maplelea Catalog?

As a Canadian and Maplelea Doll Owner I was so excited to get the new Maplelea catalog in the mail.
The sweater on the front cover called Close Knit is one of my favorite outfits offered by Maplelea.
Shown on Taryn, this three piece set includes the Hooded Sweater, long-sleeve green shirt and the floral embellished jeans is offered at $26 Canadian. This set would look great on any Maplelea Doll and will fit most 18 inch dolls.
This month Maplelea has a fun Doll Sized Treat Bag as a bounus gift when you order any of their "Boo-tiful" costumes. Click here for more information.
Even the new Happy Tap Costume comes with the treat bag! I love the details in the skirt and the tap shoes! The hat is also a wonderful accessory!
As I am always looking ahead to the holiday gift giving season I think it is very important to plan ahead to avoid disappointment! I spoke with Kathryn at Maplelea about the holiday demands

  Looking ahead as I always do for items to tuck away in a Stocking, Advent Calender or Holiday Cracker, small accessories such as shoes, glasses and doll sized underwear and socks comes to mind. 

Maplelea  has their doll glasses on sale, the purple ones are my favorites! Click here to view 

Kathryn reminded me that  "The footwear is the perfect size for stocking stuffers, and the plush pets look really cute poking their head out of a stocking!  And every doll (except the curly hair ones) need a hair brush."
 What doll lover, shoe and purse lover would not love to find this one holiday morning? Honestly I wish it came in my size don't you? Click here for the aptly named Spotlight Set offered at  $16 this set will help you dress up your doll for the holidays for sure!
I want to mention that I am an actual customer of Maplelea, I do not get paid to write about their products and I have been so impressed with the high quality items I have ordered. Everything has been really well made and I am always thrilled with the attention to detail that goes into each and every item. 

 This 11 piece set offered by Maplelea is I think one of the best sets a doll lover could get this up coming holiday season. Offered at $40 This set includes


  1. Thanks for the heads-up! I'm not very familiar with Maplea, but their smiling Saila doll is one of my favorite international dolls. It looks like they have some great accessories, too!

    I just ordered a catalog, so I'm sure I'll need to know this - do *all* of their clothes fit AGs? Thanks!

  2. I guess I should have mentioned that I was specifically wondering about the shoes (if they will fit AGs), since you did say the outfits would fit most 18" dolls. :)

  3. Yes the shoes do fit. Most of the clothing does as well. The Maplelea Arms are longer and thinner as are the hands so in my sweater set shown above the mittens do not fit my American Girl Dolls. I have had no problems with any of my other items or accessories in fitting American Girl dolls.