Friday, October 11, 2013

Pattern Books for 18 inch Dolls

Have you ever seen these books at your local book store or on line? This books make great gifts for doll lovers who are learning to sew and want to make their own doll wardrobes. There are so many great books on the market today for our 18 inch dolls and you can find them reasonably priced on line.

The first doll pattern sewing book I got was this one also by Joan Hinds, I really enjoyed this book and DVD. The patterns are easy to follow and their is also patterns for 15 inch dolls included in this book. Offered on the Book Depository for $19.49 click here to view the listing on The Book Depository.

If you are a Crochet Maven take a look at this wonderful book called Crochet for Dolls also from Nicky Epstein offered on The Book Depository for $15.04
Sew Fun for Girls and Dolls is a book I have on my wish list. Offered at $9.60 on The Book Depository click here to find out more about this Ana Araujo book.

Check out pattern books like these on line, in store or at your library and see about making some truly wonderful items for your dolls or the doll lover in your life.
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  1. A friend gave me the first book (Sew the Contemporary Wardrobe for 18-inch Dolls by Joan Hinds) for my birthday. I haven't made any of the clothes yet, but I'm really impressed by the "real clothes" that are included in the book. I'm hoping to get some of them sewn soon.