Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Meet Some Of The International Dolls From Around The Dolly World

As many of you know I  am Canadian and I live in Canada. Doll lovers live all over the world and though many of my readers here are in the USA, I do have a following world wide. Today I want to showcase some of the 18 inch dolls from around the world for those of you looking to expand your doll families or source quality doll play with dolls in your own home countries.
Australian Girl Dolls,  are slightly taller then their North American Cousins. While they are not an 18 inches doll, are a very beautifully made slightly taller doll. With 5 dolls to choose from their unique styles and stories make them even more endearing. Click here to view The Australian Girl Dolls On line.  Emily came to live with us a few years ago and she is a favorite for hair styling!
My niece Beth loves Emily best! 

My London Girl Dolls are one of my two favorite dolls coming out of the UK.  I currently have three of these wonderful dolls in my collection. My London Girl has just started shipping to Canada and does ship to certain countries outside of the UK. Check them out on line by clicking here.

The Dolls House Dolls are new to my collection and
Ruby has the most amazing  Red Hair. Ruby is just one of the many wonderful dolls on The Dolls House Website

She is a very regal looking doll and  I love to use her at Tea Parties!  Click here to view the Doll House Dolls on line.

From South Africa Check, out South African Girl DollsAnnie, Nandi and Zoey are three new dolls on the doll market just waiting for you to come and take them home!  These wonderful dolls can be viewed by clicking here.

Last but not least Canada's Own Maplelea Dolls.  Maplelea has added to their collection with the recent release of the Friends Dolls. I do love the Maplelea Line and have two of their dolls currently in my own collection. Check out the Maplelea Dolls by clicking here

No matter where you live you can bring home one of these wonderful dolls to live with in your own doll families. I hope you will visit the international dolls on line by clicking any of the links in today's post.
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