Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Let's Talk Pizza, Doll Pizza!

Wednesday's in our house is Pizza Night. It is always a night my kids look most forward to in the week where they get to have their favorite food. Today I thought I would share some of my Etsy Dolly Pizza favorites with you!

The above photo is of the Pizza offered by JessieRaye's Etsy Shop this 6 slice pizza features peperoni, mushrooms, olives and green peppers! A favorite from my cheese days! This pizza your dolls can share and enjoy! This pizza is by far the best deal on Etsy! Offered in Jessie Raye's Etsy shop for $13.99 you  get 6 pieces and can view shop and listing by clicking here.
Mini Mallow's Etsy shop pizza caught my eye as it is a WOODEN Pizza! This slice of pizza for your doll is offered at $8.00 and can be viewed by clicking here.
This peperoni slice looks like the one my son chooses on Pizza Night, a pizza with two toppings of his favorite things cheese and peperoni! This Slice is created and sold by MinnieKitchen Etsy Shop for $7.00 and can be viewed by clicking here.

Wednesday nights are by far the easiest in our house because it is always Pizza night! A stress free meal in the middle of a stressful week, something we always look forward to. Some people have theirs on Fridays which is great but try it mid week and see how much better the rest of the week goes!
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