Saturday, September 6, 2014

Shopping With Madelon! My Life As Dolls and New Our Generation Doll

Madelon has sent me these cute photos of the My Life Ballet doll, both the 18 inch and this Lil" ballerina! These are sold at Walmart and Madelon has a keen eye to notice that the face mold has changed!
We both love the cute faces and the fun outfits!
Cute new face mold!

The cowgirl doll is adorable as well!
 While at Target Madelon also found Our Generation Doll Anya, who comes with pierced ears! Finally how exciting!

Keep your eyes out while shopping and report back these wonderful finds just like Madelon has! I can not wait to see these soon and I hope to see them in Canada!


  1. Cool!, Did you hear that My life as is now appearing in Canadian Walmarts!?
    I live near two (one small store and one HUGE store) the small one has very few in stock and the huge one has a ton of My Life as stuff.

  2. I had not heard that Sarah! How wonderful!

  3. I just got one of the little sister's to give my niece on her first birthday. They are so cute and a great price!

  4. Did you know that these dolls are NOT made by Madame Alexander? I am trying to find out who makes them for Walmart. You can check my website at

    1. I did know know, I am not sure who picked up the name and the line though! Thanks @dankazze