Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stylish Autumn Looks For Your Tween's Doll From Avanna Girl

Looking through Avanna Girl's Etsy shop it is hard not to get excited to see the fun and fashionable looks, like this Hounds-tooth Sheath Dress and Black Blazer. 
This outfit is sure to make your Tween's favorite and wish list! I love that little belt! Older tween's gravitate towards outfits that they feel look "older", as they get older they tend to lean less towards the pastel and princess stage when it comes to dolly fashion and more towards outfits such as these from Avanna Girl!

 Having fashion forward outfits for your tween's dolls wardrobe really helps keep doll play relevant. 
Shops like Avanna Girl on Etsy make it easy for girls to be excited about and interested in their dolls longer.
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  1. Great shop. I've marked it as a favorite. Cool clothes.