Monday, September 15, 2014

Sears Canada Wish Book Wonders!

I still get as excited to get the Sears Canada Christmas Wish Book every September. This year I was even more excited with the wonderful selection in 18 inch doll clothing by Newberry Dolls!
I was very excited to see the Baseball set for $19.99 This set caught my eye because of the Helmet! I can not wait to try it on my dolls!

This is such a great deal This is the Figure Skating Outfit is a steal at $19.99 it comes with everything you see here but don't let the photo fool you you actually get skates in the box not boots.
As a Canadian and Doll Lover I am thrilled with this set offered in the Christmas Wish Book and on line. Honestly what an amazing set for doll and hockey lovers. My nieces in Montreal are going to be head over heals for these sets and I am sure they will make the official Christmas Wish list!

You can order these outfits from Sears Canada on line by clicking here.
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  1. I almost never read those wishbooks.
    Guess what I had to deliver those in my newspaper route to two different routes,I'M glad that's over. The saddest thing that when you deliver them you CAN'T read them,because they come in plastic bags, and you don't get one just for delivering them.
    Please tell me how you get those.

  2. You can go to the customer service desk at the closest Sears and ask for them or you can view it on line.