Tuesday, October 21, 2014

A Behind The Scenes Look At Donna Designed Etsy Shop

 Today I have a behind the scenes look at an Eclectic Etsy Shop that carries some wonderful 18 inch doll items for both girl and boy dolls! Donna Designed Etsy Shop caught my eye earlier this month when I was looking at items for Halloween for doll play collections. I contacted Donna and have asked her to share a bit about her self with all of us today.

"My Mom taught me to sew when I was 12 years old. I began by making a gathered skirt with a waistband. Soon I was making most of my dresses and skirts. I made my wedding dress when the time came and then when my kids were little I made clothes for them, Barbie doll clothes for my daughter and clothes for her baby dolls and stuffed animals for my son."

"When my granddaughter got her first American Girl doll, I made a wardrobe for her doll. Then came another doll and more clothes. And then sadly she outgrew them but they came to live with me until she reclaims them. One of her dolls is my Sophie, my model. I love making the 18 inch doll clothes because it's like making mini girl clothes. "

"Probably my favorite fabric is cotton or a cotton blend because it's the easiest to work with. But I also use lots of other fabrics. The coats work well made with corduroy and I love making hats and mittens from wool sweaters that I find at the thrift shop and felt. I also upcycle little t-shirts that I find at the thrift shop into shirts for the dolls. I think they are very realistic looking and cute."

"Last Christmas a lady from Australia asked me to make some boy doll clothes. She had specific items in mind that she wanted and I made them for her. That began my line of boy doll clothes. I didn't have a boy doll so I bought an 18 inch doll, cut the hair (he still needs a stylist), and followed a tutorial to make the doll look like a boy."

"I have a coupon code available for anyone from this blog. It is NEWFRIENDS, for 10% off anything in my shop. It will be active until Oct. 31, 2014."

A huge thank you to  Donna for sharing this behind the scenes look at her Etsy shop. Donna offers more then just 18 inch doll clothing and her shop is a fun one to have a look around at! She has the most beautiful holiday ornaments as well! Visit her shop by clicking here.
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  1. Great peeking into Donna's wonderful etsy shop.

  2. Donna is definitely a talented seamstress. Thank you for sharing the behind the scenes info about her and her shop.