Sunday, October 5, 2014

AG Halloween Displays! Photo's By Madelon

Starting off today with Madelon's recent trip into the AG store and photos of the Halloween Displays! I love that they used the bat punch out mask on the dog! I have this mask from the book Doll Parties!
That is such a great book I really recommend it!
 This is the set up. I love that AG has taken such a creative approach to their displays. Pomp pom monsters and great craft ideas Girls can make at home!

My niece Laura loved this set. She actually dressed up as a bee in her tap,  dance class for their performance and she looked just like this dolly! I love how they have positioned the dog in this photo!
The shoes are so cute!
On my wish list as well is the Witch Outfit from America Girl. I know I can make one but I love their take on the witches costume! I really must remember to check if the Vancouver Store has it in stock!
Thank you to Madelon for sharing these photos with us today and remember that you can decorate your dolly area for each holiday like American Girl has done and bring some of the stores creative magic for your own enjoyment! Look how they used craft paper and items you can easily find at your dollar store to create fun festive feels in their displays!
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  1. I have the same dilemma with the witch costume! I know I could sew it, but pressing "buy" is a lot easier. lol. My daughter has it too, so I don't even have the excuse of not being able to take a close look at it. Thanks for sharing AG's display. We don't live near a store, so it's very fun to see!!

  2. Love seeing photos of displays. Thank you for sharing.