Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween! Once A Witch Always A Witch!

Wishing you a truly wonderful Halloween. ...

This year as always I have my Witches Hat on and  Cup and Pot of Tea for my trick or treat-ors!

This is 7 year old me..... Have a safe and Happy Halloween!
Ivy is a Witch and ready ready too!
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*Special Thank you to my friend Karolina Wójciak for taking this years Witch photos of me!


  1. Karen,
    I love it when adults join in on the holiday fun! Well done!

  2. Great post -- a little of the past mixed with the present. And I couldn't help but notice the beautiful teacup and teapot. Such a classy witch!

    1. I am a very large fan of my Old Country Roses. I have collected it since I was 13. I actually use my fine china every day. I even post a new tea photo every day on one of my instagram accounts I hope you will join me for daily tea!

  3. Being a witch is my thing too. This year I was too tired to do anything but sit with my granddogs while my daughter handed out candy, my granddaughters went door to door with Daddy. I guess you answer to "Glenda". LOL!