Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Back To School For Us Today, Milk And Cookies All Around!

Today is the day my kids and my nieces here in BC go back to school. One of my most treasured memories of growing up was the cookies and milk my mother would make us as an after school snack. Today as I make my own kids chocolate chip cookies to celebrate and soften the blow of the end of summer and back to school blues I wanted to share Felicia's kitchens listing for doll sized after school snacks I think you will simply love.
Her Milk and Cookies listing comes with your choice of two milk and cookies as well as the color of plate and cookies you can order chocolate milk as well! This is such a great listing! Click here to see the listing in her shop! 
Need more cookies? You can order them individually and with a cookie stand! Click here for listing and more info on how you can add an entire tray of fresh baked dolly cookies to your collection. 
I am off to bake cookies for my own kids now and hope that you enjoy your new school year and today's dolly after school post!
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  1. That's a neat memory and a great way to pass along the tradition.